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BIG BANG Interview For Japan Daily Sport

BIG BANG Interview For Japan Daily Sport

Leader GD’s words of love (and criticism) to the other members?
"This is hard. Let’s see.. Daesung is a bit too mature for his age. It always feels like he’s looking after everyone. It would be nice if he acted more cute and dongsaeng-like. TOP hyung is a type of person who gets sick of things really easily. He has no persistence. If it’s something he likes he gets really into it but he also gets over it really quickly. It would be nice if he could maintain his feelings. I want Taeyang to fall in love, since he never has before. It’s an important experience for artists. It doesn’t have to be a girlfriend, maybe even just a friend. It would be nice if he got a girlfriend though. Seungri should get out more often. He needs to mature. (Seungri: What??! WHAAT??!) Me? I want to expand my outlook on life. I want to become a leader that the other members will trust and follow."

BigBang Profile - answered below by each member
1) Birthday (will not be answered below, already known)
2) Something they treasure
3) Something that surprised them in Japan
4) Japanese food they like
5) Japanese food they can’t/don’t eat
6) Favourite Japanese phrase/word
7) Favourite Japanese celebrity
8) What they do on their days off
9) Food they can cook well
10) Most attractive feature

2) My Almighty Bag
3) The driver’s seat is on the other side, so when I first came I was like “OMG NO ONE’S DRIVING!”
4) Curry
5) Umeboshi
6) KiraKira (sparkle sparkle)
7) Hirai Ken
8) I eat my food really slowly. And I stay at home all day.
9) Anything
10) My vigorous, happy spirit

"Cooking is my specialty. I can make kimchi jjigae really well. (laughs) The secret to my Daesung-style Kimchi Jjigae is instant noodle soup packets. It makes it taste really good. When we lived in Korea, I often made it for the other members. I’d also put in haricot beans sometimes. When I’m alone I don’t really cook much, but I do quite a lot when we’re all together.
My Almighty Bag? Everyone calls it that’s kinda embarrassing. (bitter smile) It’s a bag that I carry around no matter where I go. It’s got bandaids and food and handwarmers and stuff… it’s got everything. (laughs) (“So that you can help your members when they’re in trouble?”) Yeah. (laughs)
Though I may be second youngest, I know I’m mentally one of the oldest. I consider myself an ‘adult’."

2) Pet dog, Boss (male Boston Terrier)
3) Japanese CD stores are so big
4) Curry, Ramen, Yakiniku
5) I like everything
6) Blank
7) Shimizushota Ai
8) Practises piano
9) Noodles
10) My singing voice

"I was really surprised when I first came to Japan because of how big the CD stores are! Everytime we came to Japan, I would go to a CD store and buy a new hip hop or R&B album. Though we don’t have the time to anymore. (bitter smile)
To tell the truth, we haven’t had this much free time in 3 years. There was always so much to do. But I think you have to do what you have to in life before you can start to enjoy it.
,Although the single “Fall In Love”, a collaboration with Thelma Aoyama, is due to be released on the 27th, my “Must-do List” for this year is to create more solo songs.
I’m planning to release a solo album.
The first thing on my “Want-to-do List” is going to Okinawa! I’ve always wanted to go there but I’ve never had the time. It has to be for a vacation though, not just for a concert or part of a tour. The ocean is really beautiful there so I want to go diving."

2) Friends
3) The villages are really clean
4) Crab
5) Nothing. I like everything
6) “Naruhodo” (indeed), “Koreomoshiroina~” (This is fun~) “Soodesune” (I see)
7) Nakashima Mika
8) I sleep for 24 hours
9) Dwenjang Jjigae
10) My kindness

“I have good pronunciation no matter what language I speak. Maybe it’s because my specialties are rapping and imitating others. Maybe that’s why people think I can fluently speak languages that I can’t, so at like interviews or press conferences people ask me to answer in more detail. It kinda spoils the mood sometimes. (laughs) My favourite Japanese phrases are “Naruhodo” and “Soodesune”. It’s shows you’re paying attention.
On my days off, I sleep no matter what. I’m always busy so I don’t get much time to sleep, so when I’m not busy I sleep for 24 hours! My record is 36 hours. (laughs) It’s a recent record. I didn’t even eat, just went to the toilet first and slept for 2 days.
Desires? I want a girlfriend! (determined smile)
(“Wouldn’t you be too busy to see her often?”) It’s ok. Just having one would be great.
(“You wouldn’t be able to sleep on your days off.” I don’t have to if I get a girlfriend. I don’t sleep on my days off, who told you that? (laughs) It’s ok though! I have my pet Gaho to cheer me up. (1 Year old Chinese Sharpei) In Korea, he’s more famous than I am. (laughs) I’ve had him since he was 8 months old but he grows so fast it’s scary sometimes! He’s already thiiis big! (spreads his arms) He’s at school at the moment though. Studying things like SIT! and TURN AROUND!"

2) My rings
3) They have so many products with anime characters
4) Sushi, raw fish
5) Umeboshi
6) Bacchishi!
8) Making songs for my solo album
9) Cocktails
10) Blank

“The thing that surprised me the most was that they have so many varieties of BearBrick (bear-shaped block figurines). I like BearBricks so I collect them; one side of my room is completely buried with BearBricks. I have about a thousand. (laughs) Whenever I came to Japan, I would buy a bunch of new ones but since we don’t have time to shop anymore… My favourite Japanese phrase is “ikuradesuka” (how much is it?) – Since it’s the most important phrase to know. (laughs) I also like “bacchiridesu” and “bacchishi”. (I think they mean like, awesome)
Well it’s not really something I can ‘cook’ well, but sometimes when I drink with my friends I make cocktails. Like fruit cocktails for people who aren’t heavy drinkers.
Later this year I’m going to be the main character in a movie directed by Lee JaeHan, director of “A Moment To Remember”. It’s based on war, and co-stars include Kwon Sangwoo. (We’ve already started filming, but I’m trying to focus on this for a while.)
I want to show a different side to me that I haven’t been able to show as a part of BIGBANG."

2) Books
3) They sell meal tickets even for toppings!
4) Gyudon
5) Umeboshi
6) “Nantonaku” (No wonder) (It’s a new phrase I learnt recently) “Utsukushii” (beautiful)
7) Toda Erika (I wanna be friends with her hehe), Miyazaki Aoi
8) I watch movies or dramas
9) Kimchi Jjigae
10) My dancing

“When I first found out about them (meal tickets) I was sooo surprised! It’s amazing that they can even buy toppings with them!
I have to have egg with my gyudon. Always. I also order kimchi.
I’m learning Japanese through Japanese dramas or variety shows. So I only know how to speak conversationally. I watch stuff like “Boys Before Flowers” and “Nodame Cantabile”. I’ve recently started watching Sakurai Sho’s “The Quiz Show”. And I just watched “Conditions of a Witch” (from 1999) after listening to a song from it. Who sang it? (hums)
Ahhh, Utada Hikaru. She’s so famous.
My favourite Japanese actress would be Miyazaki Aoi.”

Member Analysation by the Members
1) The person who likes things to be clean the most: G-DRAGON
2) The person who creates mess the most: TOP
3) The person who cooks the best: D-LITE
4) The person who dresses up the most: TOP
5) The person who is hardest to wake up: G-DRAGON
6) If BIGBANG was a family, what roles would everyone have?
YB = Mum
GD = Dad
Seungri = Neighbour
TOP = Baby
Daesung = Eldest child

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